Lamers’ Memories

The following is a post by Mary Ann Gossens Lamers.

Polio quarantine

I was eight years old in 1955 when all children were quarantined to their yard. We made it a game – volleyball, golf all over the yard, basketball, Simon Says, kick the can, and phone tag with the Lamers. We used tin cans and string to send messages across the alley tied to fences in each yard. My dad would always listen to baseball on the radio as we played. My mom chipped golf balls into an old fishing net with golf balls my brothers brought home from raiding creeks. We’d get two popsicles for 5 cents from Kokke’s .

Youth Center

Early 60’s the place to be was Youth Center, the gym on Main Street. Teachers supervised. Mr. Rundquist, Mr. Bohne, Mr. Nirschel are some I recall, each with their special trait, a smile, a coach, always helpful, ready to give us a basketball or ping pong paddles. They’d roll out the jute box from the side room, plug in and the girls danced The Twist, Jitter Bug, and Stroll. Basketball, shuffle board, and ping pong were games of choice. We’d run across Main Street to Red’s to buy candy, food, soda and talk. Danny Speering’s dad had a used car lot and Danny would drive different cars all the time. Guys loved to drive past and the girls loved it too. We’d jump in once in awhile and go off to have fun. Ronnie Blaze had a little car and once picked up a bunch of us and we took a ride to High Cliff. I remember the little car floating with us inside laughing. We of course went back to youth center only to walk home with friends. Curfew for me was nine.  Youth Center was open week days in the summer and weekends during school.


My husband Ralph (Sam) Lamers, Kimberly High School Class of 1965, and I married in 1968. We raised our four children, Kim, Luke, Mike and Joe in Kimberly. I laugh when I tell people I moved five times. First to Walnut Street, then 1st Street, then Paul Drive, then Ann or Anne Street depending what post you’re looking at, and now Thelosen Drive. I love Kimberly. The people are great, our leaders are the best, and I continue worship and thank God for the many blessing, parents, family and friends.

Mary Ann Gossens Lamers


K.R.A. 1952 Basketball Team

KRA 1952 BB Team

Kimberly, WI K.R.A. 1952 Basketball Team

Top row, left to right:
Dick Verbeten, Nig Van Dyke, Roy Vanden Heuvel, Jim Vandehey, Bill Goffard, Coach George Vander Zanden.

Bottom row:
Alan Dietzler, Pete Valentine, Lyle Hark, Wayne Kilsdonk, Butter Vander Wyst.

Photo courtesy of Theresa Vanden Heuvel

Kimberly Baseball

Kimberly Baseball

ca. early 1950s

Left to right: George Judkins, George Vander Zanden, Frank Van Boekel

Village Basketball Team

Village Basketball Team

Village of Kimberly Basketball Team
ca. 1952

Back row:
Jack Courchane
Red Williams
Carl Vanden Boom
Jim ?
Joe Vanden Heuvel

Front row:
Bueh Larson
Cliff Van Evenhoeven
Fras Frassetto
Frank Vanden Boekel

Moving the Sister House

The old Holy Name convent was moved in March of 1959. They couldn’t go down Kimberly Avenue, because there were too many big trees to cut down, so they had to move over frozen ground. They cut across the west church parking field (which is now blacktop parking). You enter the lot from the back into lot owned by George Langenhuizen on Maes Avenue. The building now houses 3 apartments. The moving contractor was Berg and Hen Movers.

Moving Old Convent

Moving Old Convent

Moving Old Convent

Moving Old Convent

Moving Old Convent

ca. 1959

Photos courtesy of Ila Mae Langenhuizen

Alice & Neil Davidson


Alice and Neil Davidson
Kimberly, WI
ca. 1960

Photo courtesy of Theresa Vanden Heuvel


Neil and Alice (Conrad) Davidson
Kimberly, WI
ca. 1950s

Photo courtesy of Theresa Vanden Heuvel

Connie's Bar

Kimberly, WI
ca. 1956

Photo courtesy of Theresa Vanden Heuvel

Connie’s Bar Fast Pitch Softball Team

Connie's Bar Fast Pitch Softball Team

Connie’s Bar Fast Pitch Softball Team 1953
Kimberly, WI

Top row: Niel Davidson (sponsor), Morry Quick, Jack Niesz, Les Dietzen, Jack Grafmier, Geo. Reichel,

Bottom row: “Mouse” Mauthe, Mark Recker, Carl Lemmers, Bob Diener, Bill Brinkman, Bud Deleest, Larry Shebilski

Photo courtesy of Carl Lemmers

Demolition of Old Bridge

Demolition of Old Kimberly Bridge

Demolition of the old Kimberly bridge built in 1908 and replaced in 1954.