Kimberly School

First School in Kimberly

308 North Main Street, Kimberly, WI

First school, grades 1-8. Pat Betters age 23 months.
ca. 1926

Photo courtesy of Pat (Dietzler) Betters


Sunset Park

Sunset Park

Early roadway to Sunset Park.
ca. 1925

Kimberly Clark Cave-in

Kimberly Clark Mill Cave-in

The aftermath of the Kimberly Clark mill cave-in and explosion.
ca. October 7, 1927

Busch Bros. Ice Truck

Busch Bros. Ice Truck

Matt and Henry Busch’s ice truck. Pictured is Ann Flynn, an aunt of Robert Busch.
ca. late 1920s

Matt and Hank Busch

Matt and Hank Busch

ca. 1920

Kemps-Wisman Store

Kemps-Wisman Store

Main Street, Kimberly, WI
ca. late 1920s

Kimberly Clark Office

Kimberly Clark Main Office

Kimberly Clark’s office on north Main Street, Kimberly, WI
ca. 1920s

Feast of Corpus Christi

Feast of Corpus Christi

Holy Name Church
ca. 1920s

Paul Smits, Remembering

Smits Family

Jim, Adelle, and Paul Smits with their mother Laura.
ca. 1931

“This picture shows wooden walk around to back of house.”

Smits Children

Paul Francis (1st communion), James Vincent, and Adelle Mary Smits.
ca. 1930s

“Kimberly’s original Village Hall on N. Elm Street is the white building in the background.”

Smits Model T

Peter Smits with son Paul, in Model T on Elm Street, Kimberly, WI.
ca. 1920s

Photos courtesy of Paul Smits.

Mr. Smits also wrote down some memories to share with us. Read his early memories of life in Kimberly.

Geenen house

Geenen home

The Geenen house
Kimberly, WI