Baseball 1930

Baseball 1930

1930 Kimberly Baseball Team

Front row: J. Feldhausen, W. Ladrow, L. Dopry, Arn. Pocan, Charlie Skell

Center row: Butch Thien, Ed Lynch, Geo. C. Lemmers

Back row: Nig. Verbeten, Whitey Berhrent, Dago Lamers

Photo courtesy of Carl Lemmers

4 Responses to Baseball 1930

  1. Eric Pocan says:

    Anyone know if this was a high school team, professional team, or a rec team?

    • Jason Weber says:

      I am not positively certain if that was a professional baseball team. Kimberly has and is a very active sports community and the Kimberly Mill had sponsored many teams in several sports throughout the years until the KRA was formed. I would suspect that this is one of those recreational teams from that period.

      Jason Weber
      author – Kimberly:A Village with a Future

  2. Eric Pocan says:

    Thanks for the info

    • George Lentz says:

      For those who may not know, Arnold “Rowdy” Pocan was also a well-known professional wrestler in Wisconsin during the ’30s and ’40s. Later I believe he was a golfer. Baseball, wrestling, and golf – obviously a very talented man athletically.

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